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Trollface is a rage comic character wearing a mischievous smile that is meant to represent the facial expression of an Internet troll. The image is most commonly. Why Doge, Scumbag Steve, Trollface, Philosoraptor and Ermahgerd are popular Internet memes, according to Meme Generator and Know. You're probably familiar with this image, the infamous “ trollface ” that's circulated the Internet for years. Someone drew the original trollface, and. who is troll face Das Trollfaceauch Coolfaceist eines der bekanntesten Memes im Internet. On a random imgboard- Joe: I am obligated to comply with the rules of engagement and confidentiality section of the contract that I signed in order to develop games for the Wii U platform. The comic was uploaded to deviantART on September 19th, Explore Neue lego star wars spiele Community Central FANDOM University. Then, she slipped up—his parents found out about trollface. Mountain Dew SuperNova Commer Better just come up with some different artwork. Der Trolldad führt meist ein kurzes Gespräch mit seinen Kindern, indem er ihnen anfangs eine Frage stellt oder von seinen Kindern gestellt bekommt. Inzwischen hat es über Aufkleber, Tags und Spiele weite Verbreitung gefunden. Whilst backing into the troll Ernest makes his troll face. Y U NO Guy Note: Definitely not my best work. Site Rules Style Guide RSS Feeds Chat About KYM About Us Credits Contact Jobs KYM Is Also On Facebook Pinterest Twitter YouTube Tumblr. SATNA KLAUSE Santa Troll. The rtl.spielede gr8est troll. Are You Serious Aww Yeah Baby Trollface Bad Poker Face Big Mouth High Broken Heart Guy Cat Lol Cat Gasp Cat Glare Cat Overload Cereal Guy Cereal Guy Spitting Cereal Guy Squint Challenge Accepted Challenged Considered Challenge Denied Challenge Failed Clever Girl Concentrated Guy Conflicting Emotions Guy Crazy TrollFace Crazy Ninjago spiele spielen Guy Creepy Trollface Crying Guy Cuteness Overload!

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Trollface Quest Keep On Trollin' Baby! No example for Troll Face.. KYM Is Also On Facebook Pinterest Twitter YouTube Tumblr. The origin story behind Scumbag Steve is certainly unique. The comic was uploaded to deviantART on September 19th, Top Entries This Month. Press 'i' to view the image gallery, 'v' to view the video gallery, or 'r' to view a random entry. This rage face is arguably the most popular rageface, tied with Me Gusta. SATNA KLAUSE Santa Troll. View All Related Entries. The facial expression of a troll.